Price List

Price per piece and discounted, plans for every budget.

Monthly Plans Per Piece(no dryclean, no duvets, curtains and very heavy fabrics PAY FULL ON PLAN
Agbada Alone NGN0.00
Ankara jacket NGN0.00
apron NGN0.00
Bed Sheet Large NGN0.00
Bed Sheet, Medium NGN0.00
Blouse NGN0.00
Boxers NGN0.00
Cadigan light NGN0.00
Child Agbada Alone NGN0.00
Child Dress/Gown NGN0.00
Child Native NGN0.00
children native knicker NGN0.00
children top NGN0.00
children uniform( pinafor) NGN0.00
Chinos Trousier NGN0.00
Complete Male native, with Agbada NGN0.00
Female Dress , short, medium NGN0.00
Female Dress, long NGN0.00
Female gown with tie NGN0.00
Female jeans NGN0.00
Female native skirt NGN0.00
female native top NGN0.00
Female Native, up and down, no tie NGN0.00
Female shirt , white NGN0.00
Female Shirt, other colours NGN0.00
Female Short knicker and top NGN0.00
Female Top/T. Shirt NGN0.00
Female Trousiers NGN0.00
Gele/Tie NGN0.00
Jalamia NGN0.00
Jean Jacket NGN0.00
Jean Skirt NGN0.00
Jean Trousier NGN0.00
Jean Trousier NGN0.00
Jersey NGN0.00
Joggers NGN0.00
jump suit NGN0.00
Kid Shirt NGN0.00
Kid Trousier NGN0.00
Knicker(Native) NGN0.00
lab coat NGN0.00
Male Native Top NGN0.00
Male native, no agbada NGN0.00
Male Trousers NGN0.00
Native Cap Alone NGN0.00
Native Gown(C) NGN0.00
Native Gown, long, no tie NGN0.00
Native Gown, short, no tie NGN0.00
Native Trousier NGN0.00
Night Gown NGN0.00
Partners Plan NGN200.00
Pillow Case NGN0.00
Polo T.Shirt NGN0.00
Polo T.Shirt NGN0.00
pyjamas (up and down) NGN0.00
pyjamas(trouser) NGN0.00
Scarf NGN0.00
school uniform(trouser only) NGN0.00
school Uniform(up and down) NGN0.00
Shirt, others NGN0.00
Shirt, Short sleeve other colours NGN0.00
Shirt, Short sleeve White NGN0.00
Shirt, Silk NGN0.00
Shirt, white NGN0.00
Short Knickers NGN0.00
Singlet NGN0.00
Skirt and blouse NGN0.00
skirt(children) NGN0.00
Skirt, short,medium NGN0.00
Stockings NGN0.00
T-Shirt NGN0.00
Towel, L NGN0.00
Towel, S NGN0.00
Underwear NGN0.00
waist coat NGN0.00
Wrapper NGN0.00
wrapper(native) NGN0.00
10 pcs Monthly Plan - Basic Packing NGN3500.00
10 pcs Monthly Plan - Premium Packing NGN4000.00
20 pcs Monthly Plan - Basic Packing NGN6500.00
20 pcs Monthly Plan - Premium Packing NGN7000.00
30 pcs Monthly Plan - Basic Packing NGN9600.00
30 pcs Monthly Plan - Premium Packing NGN10100.00
40 pcs Monthly Plan - Basic Packing NGN12600.00
40 pcs Monthly Plan - Premium Packing NGN13100.00
50 pcs Monthly Plan - Basic Packing NGN15500.00
60 pcs Monthly Plan - Basic Packing NGN18300.00
70 pcs Monthly Plan - Basic Packing NGN21000.00
80 pcs Monthly Plan - Basic Packing NGN23600.00
90 pcs Monthly Plan - Basic Packing NGN26100.00
100 pcs Monthly Plan - Basic Packing NGN28500.00
Corporate Plan (includes suits and Dryclean only, no duvets and heavy fabrics no carry over of pcs,
Laundry Per Piece
Agbada Alone NGN600.00
Apro small NGN100.00
aso oke headtie NGN300.00
Bed Sheet, Medium NGN400.00
Blanket NGN500.00
Blouse NGN350.00
Boxers NGN200.00
Cadigan, Big NGN700.00
Cadigan, Medium NGN500.00
Chinos Trousier NGN400.00
Complete Male native, with Agbada NGN1000.00
Curtain(large) NGN600.00
Female gown with tie NGN600.00
Female Native Blouse, Wrapper, Tie NGN600.00
Female native skirt NGN300.00
Female Native Skirt, Blouse, Tie NGN600.00
Female Native up and down, no tie NGN600.00
Female shirt , white NGN400.00
Female Shirt, other colours NGN350.00
female skirt NGN350.00
Female top, trouser NGN600.00
Female Top/T. Shirt NGN300.00
Hijab NGN250.00
Jalamia NGN500.00
Jean gown(short) NGN450.00
jean Shirt NGN450.00
Jean Skirt NGN400.00
Jean Trousier NGN400.00
Jersey NGN500.00
Joggers NGN350.00
Jump Suit NGN600.00
Lab Coat NGN500.00
Male native, no agbada NGN500.00
Male Plain Trousiers NGN350.00
Native Cap Alone NGN200.00
Native Gown, Long with Tie NGN600.00
Native Gown, long, no Tie NGN600.00
Native Gown, Short with Tie NGN550.00
Native Gown, short, no Tie NGN500.00
Native Top NGN350.00
Native Trousier NGN300.00
Night Wear NGN300.00
NYSC Khaki NGN500.00
Polo T.Shirt NGN350.00
Pyjamas NGN300.00
pyjamas(up and down) NGN600.00
Shirt, Short sleeve NGN350.00
Short Knickers NGN300.00
Singlet NGN200.00
starch only NGN50.00
Stockings NGN100.00
Teddy bear(L) NGN500.00
Teddy Bear(S) NGN150.00
Under wear(Skirt) NGN200.00
waist coat NGN300.00
Waist Trainer/girdle NGN400.00
white garment with rope/cap NGN700.00
Wool Pool Coat NGN1000.00
Wrapper(native) NGN400.00
Duvet NGN1100.00
Duvet cover NGN500.00
Male Shirt, others NGN350.00
Male Shirt, white NGN400.00
Pillow Case NGN100.00
Sheet Large NGN500.00
T-Shirt NGN300.00
Tablecloth NGN350.00
Towel, L NGN400.00
Towel, S NGN350.00
Dry Cleaning Per Piece
cap (English) NGN500.00
Cap (native) NGN300.00
Dress, Corporate NGN600.00
Dress, Evening, long NGN700.00
Female Trousiers NGN400.00
Jacket NGN750.00
Overcoat NGN900.00
Shirt, Silk NGN350.00
Skirt, pleated NGN500.00
Suit, 2pc NGN1500.00
Suit, 3pc NGN1700.00
Suit, Dinner NGN1900.00
Sweater NGN600.00
Tie NGN400.00
Trousers NGN450.00
Wedding Gown NGN2750.00
winter jacket NGN750.00
Wash Only Per Piece
Wash and Fold Plan NGN150.00
Iron Only
Iron Only Plan NGN228.00
Commercial: (Rentals, Hotels, Factories, etc)
Table Covers Red NGN100.00
10 by 20 Canopy NGN2500.00
20 by 20 Canopy NGN4000.00
ash T.C NGN100.00
Center Rug NGN1100.00
Chair Cover(magneta) NGN20.00
Chair covers (hard) NGN25.00
Cream Table Covers NGN100.00
Curtains, Medium NGN450.00
Curtains, Small NGN300.00
Extra Large Lace Floor Rug NGN700.00
Fabrics (normally 100 yards) NGN1700.00
Floor rug - Medium NGN500.00
Floor Rug - Small NGN300.00
Floor Rug, large NGN650.00
Foor Rug, Extra Large NGN750.00
Foot mat NGN400.00
Lace Table Cover Other Colours NGN100.00
Lace Table Cover White NGN110.00
Napkins NGN10.00
Overlay NGN90.00
Rossette Table Covers - Other Colours NGN120.00
Rossette Table Covers - white NGN150.00
Saches NGN5.00
Saches NGN5.00
Seat Covers NGN12.00
Seat Covers. NGN17.00
Sequence Table Covers NGN100.00
Small Foot Mat NGN500.00
Soft Chair cover(gold) NGN20.00
Soft Chair covers NGN20.00
Table Cover Fucial Pink NGN100.00
Table cover Green NGN100.00
Table Cover Peach NGN100.00
table cover petals NGN100.00
Table cover Pink NGN100.00
Table cover Royal blue NGN100.00
Table Covers Black NGN100.00
Table Covers Brown NGN100.00
Table Covers Cream NGN100.00
Table Covers Gold NGN100.00
Table Covers Gold sequence NGN100.00
Table Covers Grey NGN100.00
Table Covers Lialac NGN100.00
Table Covers Lialac NGN100.00
Table Covers Navy Blue NGN100.00
Table Covers Orange NGN100.00
Table Covers Peach NGN100.00
Table Covers Purple NGN100.00
Table Covers Silver NGN100.00
Table Covers Silver Sequence NGN100.00
Table Covers Wine NGN100.00
Table Covers Yellow NGN100.00
Tie Back NGN10.00
White Table Covers NGN120.00
Repairs Shoes/Bags
1/4 sole fixing NGN1100.00
Full Dyeing - Black NGN3000.00
Half Sewing NGN1300.00
Half Sole NGN1500.00
Leather Heel NGN1500.00
Leather Sole NGN1100.00
Leather Sole, 1/2 NGN900.00
Part Dyeing - Black NGN2000.00
Rubber Heel NGN1000.00
Rubber Sole NGN900.00
Sew Round NGN2200.00
Stiletto NGN0.00
Alterations Fabrics
Button Change - Designer NGN500.00
Button Replacement - Ordinary NGN200.00
Hemming of skirt NGN600.00
Hemming of Trousier NGN500.00
New Zip NGN700.00
Skirt, length NGN700.00
Sleeve, length NGN1500.00
Stiching - Large NGN1500.00
Stiching - Medium NGN900.00
Stiching - small NGN300.00
Trouser, length NGN1000.00
Trouser, waist NGN1100.00
Delivery Charges
Delivery Charge NGN500.00
New Product NGN0.00
Pickup Charge NGN500.00
Laundry Products
Bleach Javellisant 4ltrs NGN1600.00
Branetips Home Made Spotting Liquid 4ltrs NGN3000.00
Branetips Liquid Soap NGN250.00
Coated Iron Hangers (dozen) NGN380.00
Dye NGN600.00
Dye Chemical NGN600.00
Fancy Nylon Medium (bundle) NGN1700.00
Fancy Shirt and Suit Hanging Nylons NGN400.00
Ironing Table Cover NGN3500.00
Keg(5ltrs) NGN250.00
Lint Remover Roll (complete) NGN3000.00
New Product NGN0.00
Shirt Board (bundle of 100 pcs) NGN2800.00
Shirt Boards (per piece) NGN30.00
Shirt Clips (1000 pcs) NGN1600.00
Shoulder Guards (bundle of 100 pcs) NGN2800.00
Shoulder Guards (per piece) NGN30.00
Spol Spotter 1 ltr NGN5500.00
Spray Can NGN350.00
Tag Gun NGN2500.00
Tag Paper NGN500.00
Teflon Iron Shoe NGN4000.00
Trousier Guard (bundle of 100pcs) NGN1000.00
Trousier Guard (per piece) NGN10.00
Children (non-teens)
Child Cadigan NGN350.00
Dress NGN350.00
Female Native (buba and iro/skirt)and Tie NGN350.00
Female Native(buba and iro/skirt), no tie NGN350.00
Jackets NGN500.00
Male Native and Agabada NGN600.00
Male Native, no Agbada NGN350.00
polo/tshirts NGN200.00
Shirts NGN250.00
Skirt NGN250.00
suits(2 pc) NGN800.00
Trousiers NGN250.00
uniforms (up and down) NGN500.00
waist coat NGN200.00